Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Apollo DeeJay remix) Enjoy The Silence - twenty-fourth single band Depeche Mode, released on february 5, 1990, as well as the second single from the album Violator. In 1991 Enjoy the Silence became the winner in the category "Best British Single" at the music awards ceremony Brit Awards.
In 2015, a new look of Hands Up style on this hit.
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Apollo DeeJay - Top Club Hits 2014 Time up, dance outcome !
2014 gave us a lot of music from the stars, which of year to year please us with fresh hits and
musicians earlier misses the charts.
Top Club Hits compilation in 2014 brought together a fifteen most releases who heard on dancefloors, radio stations, and more. Big sixty minutes megamix is already possible to download and listen at mixes page